COVID 19 Update

From Mr. Allmond:

Well I’m writing this message heartbroken. The Governor has closed schools for the rest of the school year. I’m really concerned for my seniors and them not being able to complete the school year and complete the legacy of excellence that they’ve so formidably establish at the onset of the school year. Rest assured that you have performed your mission well and this class will be remembered for some time to come. We still are facing the task to get better as musicians on our distance learning endeavor. I know this is a rough time, but I really need you to keep practicing and growing as musicians.

Letter to Seniors

Dear Seniors,

How odd you must be feeling right now. 50% of you is ECSTATIC that you are graduating. The other 50% is SAD that it is happening with such little Pomp and Circumstance (a little director humor there). Honestly, I am feeling a little victimized myself. I am sad that I don’t get to be by your side and celebrate YOU! Yes, celebrate YOU! Not just as a musician but as the young person I adore.

Please know that this is NOT our finé. It is is just a brief intermission. Trust me when I say we will see each other again, and we will celebrate you.

For now, stay healthy, keep a positive attitude, and remember that your academic achievement has been diminished one bit by this pandemic, just the party. YOU DID IT, and the pandemic can never take that away from you!

I will be in touch as more information becomes available about how and when we can get together. Until then CONGRATULATIONS!

Your high school music teacher,

Anthony J. Allmond

Instrumental Music Director Kaiser High School

Block Schedule for Students on Teams

From Mr. Allmond:

I was unable to access Teams today for our meeting due to some computer issues. Tomorrow we start our block schedules. I see the concert band on Wednesday and Friday. We will discuss this Friday at 12:50 – 2:05pm and plan our performance. Look forward to seeing you then.

Fontana Christmas Parade 2019

Call time for the Fontana Christmas Parade will be 7:30am on Saturday.

After the Fontana Christmas parade, the 1st semester and marching season will be a wrap. This marching season provided our kids with wonderful experiences and many accolades. Some of them being Sweepstakes at Azusa Golden Days Parade, 2nd Place at the LA County Fair Marching Band Competition, along with many awards for performance excellence in color guard as well as a 1st place award at the San Gorgornio Field Show Competition.

The Christmas Concert was a rousing success. It was great to see so many of you come out and celebrate with us the beauty of the Christmas season and the accomplishments of our kids. I look forward to the upcoming concert season, winter guard season, and winter drumline season. All of these activities provide our kids with amazing experiences that will impact them for a lifetime. Please support us in our efforts to provide these experiences to our kids. We will be letting you know how you can be of service to them as the season unfolds. Have a wonderful Christmas season and prosperous new year!

Anthony J. Allmond
Instrumental Music Director
Kaiser High School

Arcadia 2019 Itinerary

Arcadia 2019

Call Time: 0600
0615 – 0645 Put on uniform pants
0645 – 0715 In-ranks Inspection
0720 Band Briefing !
0725 Board Buses
0735 Depart Kaiser High School
0845 Arrive Santa Anita Raceway
0900 Unload Buses and trailer, sectionals
1000 Full Band Warm-up
1045 Ready to Move
1105 Warm-up


1125 TofR Show Off Area!!
1140 End Parade
1150 Load up equipment/Change Clothing
1330 Awards Ceremony
1445 Depart Arcadia
1545 In – N – Out Run
1730 Arrive Kaiser/ Closeout Procedures


Website includes map and schedule of performances

Website for event

Itinerary For Semi Finals 2019

And so the marching season is coming to an end after next week’s performance at Arcadia. We’ve had some great successes and some not so successful moments that we have gleaned great knowledge to aid us in future musical endeavors. Your kids have worked extremely hard and are the reason that our organization is still among the best in Southern Ca. Your assistance and dedication to your kids success has been essential in the success that we’ve experienced this season. I’m very thankful for your assistance. Please continue that assistance as we perform at Semi Finals on Saturday Nov. 16th at Irvine High School at 5:45pm. We would like to see you all their cheering on our kids in their last field performance of the year. I’m very proud of these kids and their love of music and their dedication to excellence. Your attendance and applause at this event would really add to the overall excellence of their performance. Please attend and witness the product of your kids diligent, and tireless labor.
Again I’d like to thank you for your awesome support and look forward to that continuing the remainder of this season.

Anthony J. Allmond
Instrumental Music Director
Kaiser High School

Itinerary For Semi Finals 2019

1130 Call Time
1245 Partial Dress/Load equipment
1400 Depart Kaiser
1530 Arrive Irvine High School
1545 Unload Equipment/uniform prep
1600 Move to Warm up area
1615 Sectional Warm-up
1645 Full Band Warm-up
1715 Move to Field
1800 Depart Field
1815 Change to Civilian Clothing
1900 Move to Stadium to Eat
2000 Awards Ceremony
2100 Move to Buses
2130 Depart Irvine
2245 Arrive Kaiser

Semi Finals – $15.00 each
Students w/ID – $10.00 each
Seniors w/ID – $10.00 each

You can purchase tickets ahead of time at: https://csbc.compsuite.io/ticket

Irvine High School
4321 Walnut Ave, Irvine, CA 92604

2019 Campus Map

Please have your students either bring dinner and/or bring money for dinner and food. We are not able to supply dinner for them this week.