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Congratulations to The Kaiser Catamount Pride Band & Color Guard for being selected to perform in the Disneyland Community Arts Showcase for the 21st time. They will perform on Feb. 7th with a march down Main Street with free entrance into the park.

Job well done.

Uniform inspection on Wednesday

This Wednesday is uniform block (parade) inspection. All band members need to have their parade accessories: black Dinkles shoes, black socks at least calf high, white gloves, and spats.

Please be prepared.

Students will also be putting on trousers for pants length inspection. Wear gym shorts on Wednesday. Everyone will be putting on trousers in bandroom.

Note for color guard: students were given what they need this weekend. It needs to be ordered soon so it is ready for the parade at the LA County Fair on September 13th. Here is what is needed:

– white Dinkles shoes

– bun for hair

– bobby pins

– hair ties

– hairspray

– long white socks (knee high)

– white underwear

Make sure underwear is seamless & socks don’t have thick bands on the top. The guard will be wearing form fitting white bottoms.

DinklesHair accessories

Example of what guard uniform looks like
This is what the guard will be wearing and how their hair will be done.

Parent Meeting and Back to School

This Tuesday, August 13th, is Back to School Night for Kaiser High School from 6:00 – 7:30.

The parent meeting of the Band Boosters will be during the 6th period portion of Back to School Night and will continue afterwards. So there will not be a meeting on the regularly scheduled day of Thursday, it will be on Tuesday instead starting about 7:15pm.

18 Lessons Marching Band Teaches Our Kids: A Parent’s Perspective – National Association of Music Parents (AMP)

Every parent needs to read this article. Wonderfully highlights some of the benefits of a marching band and guard program. David please post on the website.

18 Lessons Marching Band Teaches Our Kids: A Parent’s Perspective – National Association of Music Parents (AMP)
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Remind app

We are going to use the Remind app for sending out messages to parents. It will let us broadcast messages that will show up immediately on your phone so we can let you know things like when the kids are coming back from competitions and for things we would normally send out in email (we’ll still do emails for those of you who would prefer that). 
If you follow the below link, it will let you join up to the Remind app. It can go just to text messages if you prefer to not install an app.