Our first HOME football game is upon us this Friday, September 1. It’s time to bring your donation items in. We’re depending upon SECTION leaders to notify your group:

  • Clarinets: pepsi (2…12 pack cans). Stater Bros having good sale on Pepsi products. 
  • Flutes: coke (2….12 pack cans). Stater Bros, Cardenas, Walgreens, and Rite Aid all having sales on Coke products
  • Saxophones: sprite (2… 12 pack cans). 
  • Horns: 5lb bag of nacho tortilla chips (smart n final). 
  • Trumpets: 1 case of water 24. Stater Bros is having a sale on water. 
  • Baritones: diet Pepsi/ diet coke (1 of each) 12 pack cans. 
  • Low woodwinds: dr pepper (2…12 pack cans). 
  • Trombones: Ketchup, mustard, relish….. 1 bottle of each. 
  • Tubas: Pepsi (same as clarinets). 
  • Drumline: 1 box of chocolates (Walmart) they are big bars, mixed are fine, they cost between $10-$13.00.  
  • Pit: bucket of licorice (Red Vines) Smart n Final has them. 
  • Guard Shield line: box chocolate bars 
  • Guard Front line: 1 5 lb can of nacho cheese (Smart n Final)
  • Guard Banners: 24 hot dogs and buns (per person)
  • Guard Captains: one box of chips each
  • Guard Rookies: 7 individual Powerades or Gatorades

We need everything turned in by this Wednesday, August 30. 

Thank you enjoy your Sunday. If you have any questions please feel free to ask Lulu. 

We will also need people to work at the snack bar. Please let us know ahead of time if you can work the snack bar. We need to get you on the list of people working at the snack bar to get you into the game. We would really like to have a couple of shifts a game instead of a small number of people working the whole game every game. 

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