Our next home football game is this Friday, September 22. We need to stock the snack bar with donations so we can maximize the money we raise. Please bring the following:

  • Band: 2 cases of water (each person in band)
  • Guard Captains: Hot dogs buns (one 12 pack) & 1 box of foil sheets (to wrap hot dogs in)
  • Shields: 8 Cup o’ Noodles & 1 pkg of 200 count napkins
  • Frontline: 1 can of COFFEE decaf & powder creamer
  • Banner line: 2 Bags of NACHO CHIPS (5lb bag)
  • Guard Rookies: 6lb can of Chilli beans & 1 can of Hot Cocoa

You can start bringing your stuff on Wednesday, 9/23. Thank you very much for your support. Remember, the snack bar is one of our best fundraisers of the year. One good night of the snack bar can pay for one of our competitions.

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