Kaiser HS Itinerary

Saturday February 17th

Competition @ Mayfair HS

6000 Woodruff Ave, Lakewood CA

9:30-Call time at Kaiser

9:30-9:50- Load floor, props and equipment

9:50-11:00-Drive to Mayfair HS

11:00-11:15-Unload floor, props and equipment

11:15-1:00 Warm up

1:00-1:05- Walk to staging

1:05-1:15 Prop and floor crew

1:15-1:20-Pep Talk

1:21-Performance time

1:30-1:40-Fold the floor

1:40-2:00-Load floor, props and equipment

2:00-4:40- Eat watch other groups perform


5:30- Dismissed!

Check list

-Show Blacks

-Athletic shoes or jazz shoes

-Yoga Mat

-Flag bag




Hair and make up must be full out. So everything that was given and explained to you!

Let’s have a great week!!!!

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