Don’t forget, mandatory band and color guard camp starts this Monday at 7:30am. Please make sure you’re there at least five minutes early so you can be ready to get started at 7:30. Camp will go until 4:30pm on Monday & Tuesday. Bring water (only water is allowed on the football field) and sunscreen. Eat a substantial breakfast (not just a donut) and get a good night’s sleep! Make sure you bring a healthy lunch with ample protein. It will be hard work, but it will be worth it. Be great!

From Mr. Allmond:

ATTENTION ALL BAND AND GUARD STUDENTS!! BAND CAMP IS MAN-DA-TO-RY!! Uniforms are at a premium this year and they will go first to all band campers. Due to an increase in personnel this year putting everyone in a uniform will be a challenge until we get the additional ones in November. THIS YEAR ONLY THOSE STUDENTS WHO COME TO BAND CAMP WILL GET A UNIFORM! Very exciting year coming up culminating in our landmark performance in the Tournament of Roses opening ceremonies. What an honor! I look forward to seeing all of you at camp!!

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