Trying to collect the things that each guard member needs besides what is ordered through the band boosters.

Each guard member needs three silver six foot poles. One place to get them from is The Band Shoppe: Make sure you select silver for the color.

Also, they need a pole bag. They are available from (among other places):

They also need white electrical tape and black electrical tape. These are available at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

They need a rifle. 37 1/2″, white with silver bolt and no strap. This is also available from The Band Shoppe:

And, they need fingerless gloves. They should be “nude” color.

Hope this helps. There are a few more small things that we need: weights & caps for the poles, a yoga mat, and jazz shoes (for field). I will add here as soon as I find out the exact ones.

Those that are doing parade will need white Dinkles.

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