Last week, after the football game, somebody hit our pit cart with their car and damaged it pretty badly. We had just recently had our pit cart fixed earlier in the week.

We do realize that accidents happen, but it would have been nice to have been informed. A witness came forward to let us know that our cart had been damaged by someone hitting it with their car.

So for the safety of our children, and also to ensure that there is no more damage to our equipment, the cones will be up. We will no longer be taking them down for anyone to come pick their child up by the band room.

You are welcome to park anywhere outside of the coned area, and your children can go ahead and meet you out there. We hope everybody understands that we are only looking out for the safety of our students. We are also trying to do all we can to ensure that our equipment, that is not cheap, is not further damaged.

Thank you for understanding.