The Tournament of Roses requires all participants submit their online release form. Please go to the following website and use the information provided to complete the form:


Their entry type is :  Other

Their type of participant is: Opening Show Performer

Their organization is:  Opening Spectacular presented by Honda

This information was sent home with your child today.  Once you have finished the release form, please take a screenshot or picture of the completed form and either print it out and send it with your child tomorrow or send an email with the image attached to Mr. Allmond so we can track who has done it.
A medical release form was also sent home today. Please fill that out tonight and return it. I have attached it here too.
These forms are required by The Tournament of Roses. If they are not turned in, we will not be able to take the student with us to the parade.
These forms are required for alumni participating as well!
Thank you for your help with this. Please don’t forget, the online form MUST be submitted by tomorrow. It is the Tournament of Roses requiring this so we cannot make exceptions. Non-compliance will mean the student or alumnus is out of the parade.

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