Dear Seniors,

How odd you must be feeling right now. 50% of you is ECSTATIC that you are graduating. The other 50% is SAD that it is happening with such little Pomp and Circumstance (a little director humor there). Honestly, I am feeling a little victimized myself. I am sad that I don’t get to be by your side and celebrate YOU! Yes, celebrate YOU! Not just as a musician but as the young person I adore.

Please know that this is NOT our finé. It is is just a brief intermission. Trust me when I say we will see each other again, and we will celebrate you.

For now, stay healthy, keep a positive attitude, and remember that your academic achievement has been diminished one bit by this pandemic, just the party. YOU DID IT, and the pandemic can never take that away from you!

I will be in touch as more information becomes available about how and when we can get together. Until then CONGRATULATIONS!

Your high school music teacher,

Anthony J. Allmond

Instrumental Music Director Kaiser High School

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