This Tuesday 8/28 is uniform accessory inspection day. Make sure you are ready!


  1. Is it going to be an all day inspection? Can the accessories be taken to the evening 6pm practice or during school time only? Wondering if they have to carry them all day?


  2. First time marching band parent, so please excuse dumb questions. I had to Google spats, as I had no clue what they were. Do they come with the uniform or do I need to purchase separately? Also, I see nude gloves listed for color guard, but nothing for band. My child plays flute so I assume those are fingerless white gloves judging from the pics. Are they a specific type of glove?


    1. You should’ve gotten a form during one of the parent meetings with the things that had to be acquired. Or your child should have given it to you.

      Spats, shoes, socks, and gloves do not come with the uniform as they wear out too quickly. Yes, for parades, flutes would need the white fingerless gloves. For field shows, they will need the black fingerless gloves (one can always make regular gloves fingerless with a pair of scissors 🙂). I usually order from Peacocks Marching World, but they would not be here in time. I believe there is a Gard’s Music in Glendora that might have the items in stock. I think you can order the spats & gloves on Amazon, but getting them here by tomorrow for the fair is pretty chancy. You might want to contact Lulu to see if she knows of a place one can go to get things. Use the contact form to send me a message with your email or phone number and I’ll try to get you some information. I don’t want to post phone numbers or emails on the public page here.


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