As you know, the Band & Color Guard will be going to the LA County Fair on Friday, September 14, and if they make the finals, they’ll go back on September 21.

I’m going to collect deals on fair tickets in this post for parents and alumni who want to attend. If you hear of any other deals, send them to for inclusion here.

GroupOn deal (includes parking)

Give blood, get a free ticket

Costco, Vons, Albertsons, and Superior all have discount ticket deals has $12.50 tickets. Have to create an account.

Metrolink discount

Single-Day Admission.

$12 Adults; $6 Child.

Under the tickets tab, click on promo/voucher and enter promo code: METROLINK

Friday, Sept 14 is Rowland Heights Day at the Fair. Use promo code: ROWLANDHEIGHTS to purchase presale tickets for $6.60 by Tuesday, Sept. 11. discount

Requires registration

Number needed to register EAC # 18-BA29J

this number is issued to Balda C Brewer,  however use, registration and payment, are individually owned by the person registering.

Therefore there is absolutely no conflict of interest of any kind

Please note there is a convenience fee of $4.00 so it may be wise to group a large number of people together and pay only 1 fee of $4.00. Tickets are $13 for adults and $6 for 12 and under.

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