Upcoming practices

  • Wednesday, December 26. 12 noon – 7:30pm
  • Friday, December 28. 9am – 9pm. Color guard will be going to Irwindale to practice with other performers at 1:30pm. They should be back before practice is over.
  • Saturday, December 29. 9am – 9pm

Events for Tournament of Roses

  • Sunday,December 30 will be Bandfest. Band and color guard perform in the mid afternoon. Expect call time in the early to mid morning.
  • Monday, December 31 9:30am call time. Leaving Kaiser about 12:30 to go to hotel in Burbank. Curfew at hotel will be 6pm. Students are to remain in their hotel rooms, not opening the door at all, until call time to leave hotel.
  • Tuesday, January 1. Wake up call at 1am, leave hotel at 1:30am. Then warm up, perform, have In-n-Out and head home.

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