The Band and Color Guard’s performance in the Tournament of Roses Parade was an incredible event that everyone involved will remember for the rest of their lives. Now that we’ve all slept for many hours after returning home, here are some videos and pictures from the event. Anyone who has more to add, please email pictures to or upload videos to YouTube and then send the link to the same email address. Thank you!

Our local newspaper about the performance:

Kaiser High School and Fontana are well represented in Rose Parade


Music213’s video from both the pre-dawn rehearsal and the performance.


MusicAmenities from along the parade route

Here are two more videos of the band while marching the route:

Videos from parents from both rehearsals and the parade:


These two were at the end of the parade, so everyone is looking pretty tired, but they still sounded good!


These are in no particular order. Clicking on an image opens up a page where you can see it bigger.

These pictures are from parents and friends. We had a lot of people cheering on the band & guard who took pictures and made videos.


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